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ONP Connectors
Rectangular connectors are designed to work in electrical circuits of direct, alternating (frequency up to 3 MHz) and pulsed currents at voltages up to 150 V and current per contact up to 2 A. Connectors, unshielded and shielded, consist of a cable plug and an instrument socket for volumetric mounting with screw fixation of the articulated position. The plug of the housing version is made with a straight casing, the socket installed on the inside or outside of the appliance wall is made without a casing. By a separate order, the housing version of the socket can be supplied with molded contact leads. Connectors, without housings, unshielded, consist of a cable plug and a device socket for volumetric installation with locking of the articulated position by the consumer device. Contact plating - silver, gold. Connectors ONP-ZhI-8 are designed for internal installation in all-climatic design in accordance with the technical specifications ASLR.434410.023TU (NKTSS.434410.124TU), OS ONP-ZhI-8 in accordance with the technical specifications NKTSS.434410.901TU and provide operability with mutual articulation with connectors ONP-ZhI-8 according to NSC0.364.021TU and with connectors SNP339 according to TsSKN.430421.004TU, OS SNP339 according to TsSKN.430421.020TU.

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