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RRS3, RRS4, RRS5 The connectors are designed to work in electrical circuits of direct, alternating (frequency up to 3 MHz), pulsed currents. The connectors consist of a hermetically sealed device plug (RRS3, RRS 4, RRS 5) and a non-hermetic cable socket RRS 3, a hermetic adapter RRS6 with 2 cable sockets RRS3. Reciprocal parts of RRSZ plugs (4-pin and 7-pin) are RSATV sockets manufactured according to technical specifications AB0.364.047TU. The fastening of the body of the RRS3 plug and the RRS6 transition is ensured by welding, the RRS4 plug - with a rubber sealing ring and nut, the RRS5 plug - with a rubber sealing ring and screws. The connectors have a single-pin body polarization and a multi-position insulator installation, which prevents entanglement when joining the same diameters. The joint of the connectors is threaded. Cable sockets are made without a casing, with a straight or angled casing, appliance plugs - without a casing. Contact plating: pins - nickel, sockets - gold. The connectors are designed for indoor installation in all-climatic version in accordance with the technical specifications GE0.364.215TU (NKTSS.434410.104TU).

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