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RSGATV RSTV Connectors
Connectors RSGATV, RSGBATV, RSGTV, RSGBTV, RSATV, RSBATV, RSTV, RSBTV are designed to work in electrical circuits of direct, alternating (frequency up to 3 MHz) and pulsed currents. PC connectors consist of a sealed or non-hermetic appliance plug and a non-hermetic appliance or cable socket. Articulation of plugs RSGATV, RSGTV, RSATV, RSTV with sockets RSATV, RSTV - threaded. Articulation of plugs RSGBATV, RSGBTV, RSBATV, RSBTV with sockets RSBATV, RSBTV - cut-in. Fixing the articulated position of the cut-in connectors is provided by the consumer's devices. The polarization of the connector housings is single-key. PC connectors are made without a casing or with a casing (metal or plastic). Contact plating in connectors: RSGATV, RSGBATV, RSBATV, RSATV - gold, RSGTV, RSGBTV, RSBTV, RSTV - silver. Connectors are made for internal installation, in all-climatic version, in accordance with the technical specifications АВ0.364.047 TU (acceptance "5"). Connectors with quality category "OS" are manufactured in accordance with the special addendum bRO.364.045 TU to the general specifications OST V 11 0121-91 (acceptance "9").

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