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RS341 Connectors
Connector type: connecting sockets type RS, RS341 are designed for installation and connection of integrated circuits (IC) in type 2 cases according to GOST 17467.
RS is used in equipment manufactured for the needs of the national economy.
RS341 is used in electronic equipment for operation in electrical circuits of direct and alternating (frequency up to 10 MHz) currents
at voltages up to 100V (peak value) and current strengths up to 0.5A.
Connector composition: sockets for printed wiring.
Design: sockets in cases of type 2 in accordance with GOST 17467.
Contact coating: RS contacts are coated with tin-bismuth, pitch between contacts is 2.5 mm.

RS341 contacts are covered with gold with a nickel sublayer according to GOST 9.303 and GOST VD 9.303.
Climatic performance:RS sockets are made for indoor installation in climatic version "UHL 2.1" according to GOST 15150. RS341 sockets
are made for indoor installation in all-climatic version according to GOST RV 20.39.414.1.
RS341 type sockets of the "VP" quality category are supplied according to TsSNK.430421.006TU.

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