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SG-51, SG-51V, SG-51N, SG-51NV SG-51 connectors are designed for connecting and disconnecting electrical circuits.
Connectors consist of two parts: plugs and sockets.
The connectors are intended for installation in electrical discontinuous connectors AERVD-100M, AERVD-100Sh (SG-51, SG-51V), AE-100 (SG-51N, SG-51NV).
Separate delivery of SG-51 connectors is allowed.
The contact plating is silver.
A connector is a coupling device that joins electrical terminations to create an electrical circuit.
Connectors enable contact between wires, Printed Circuit Boards and electrical & Electronic components.
We supply Connectors of Industrial, Aviation.
Energy (Power Supply, Rail, Communication and Medical Applications.

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