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SSHR, SHR Connectors
The connectors are designed to work in electrical circuits of direct, alternating (frequency up to 3 MHz) currents at voltages up to 850 V (peak value).
Leaky SSR connectors consist of two parts: a plug and a socket. Plugs and sockets can be both instrumental and cable.
The instrument part of the connector is made without a branch pipe, with a straight or angled branch pipe, the cable part - with a straight or angled branch pipe.
The joint of the connectors is threaded, the polarization of the bodies is single-key.
SSHRG connectors hermetically sealed instrument plugs (sockets) mate with SSHR or 2PTT sockets (plugs) (for housings ΓΈ20, 28) manufactured according to specifications GE0.364.120TU.
The contact plating is silver.
The connectors are designed for installation with shielded cable.
SSHR and SSHRG connectors are manufactured for internal installation in UHL version in accordance
with the technical specifications ASLR.434410.019TU (ASHDK.434410.079TU) and ASLR.434410.017TU (ASHDK.434410.086TU), respectively.
Plugs and sockets are mutually articulated with sockets (plugs) SSHR and SSHRG, produced according to specifications GE0.364.107TU and GE0.364.108TU, respectively.

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